From restoration to removal, barns are our business.


When we see a derelict barn or outbuilding, our first impulse is to look for a way to repair and restore the structure to its former glory. When rebuilding is out of the question, we work with the barn owner to provide low-impact deconstruction and removal, preserving the beautiful materials the structure was made with so that they can be reworked and enjoyed for many years to come. 

We provide barn restoration and removal on structures around the Willamette Valley. We look for historical barns, houses, feed stores, water towers, and commercial structures, with circle sawn or rough sawn lumber. If you think you have a structure that might be a good fit for our inventory, give us a call. We'll work together to see if we can kill two birds with one stone, and help save the environment at the same time. 


Willamette Valley Reclaimed Wood-Barn Project3