Barn Doors

Before barn doors became popular design features in suburban homes, they were first and foremost a practical and effective answer to a real problem in large outbuildings: how to allow a large opening to be opened and closed with no swinging doors that would get in the way of live stock or those directing livestock into or out of barns or farm equipment.

At Salem Salvage, we build and install barn doors in every size, for every purpose. From massive doors made for functioning barns to decorative doors that hide a coat closet, we'll create a perfect door for you.


We love the rustic richness of reclaimed floors. For our beam stock floors, we select beams and timbers reclaimed from Willamette Valley barns. We then cut them on our lumber mill into 1" thick slabs, kiln dry, skip plane, and straight-line. When installed, the nail holes with rust bleed and the various saw scuffs, checks, and cracks make multi-width flooring a show-stopper. 

Farm Tables

A farm table is more than a place to eat—it’s a place to gather together with the people you care about for a meal and conversation.

We design and build tables worthy of the special time you share with your loved ones. Choose your design from our showroom selection and customize it with your desired size, leg-style, wood, and stain.

Decks and Pergolas

There's nothing like adding a beautiful Pergola or deck and Pergola to dress up the exterior presentation of a home. We design our decks and pergolas in consultation with our clients, then pull permits and away we go.

This tight knot cedar deck and pergola were constructed on a century old house in Newberg, Oregon and includes custom-designed cedar louvers that can be opened or closed for privacy.

The stacks of lumber pictured were designed for a large pergola project in South Salem. We drew up the design of the pergola, hand-selected reclaimed boards from our lumber yard, cut the ends, and assembled everything for pick-up.